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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Holiday Countdown Calendar

A Holiday pocket countdown calendar. Print 25 pockets onto colored paper, fold and glue to a poster board. On gingerbread boy cut outs write a holiday activity to do each day. Include the normal holiday prep that you need to do anyway, like signing cards, decorating the tree & home, and different baking days. Other things to include might be riding around looking at lights, going caroling, making gifts, wrapping gifts, reading Christmas books, watch Christmas movie(s), donate food to a food bank, “adopt” an angle tree child, participate in your church Christmas program, or attend a church Christmas program.

Since this is a daily calendar you can easily include daily advent readings, and/or Jesse tree reading/ornaments in each pocket as well.

I’ve not made mine yet, we started last year but I never got my poster made. For more great ideas to make your holiday special check out the Online Christmas Party.

Click here for PDF 2 small pockets per sheet of paper.

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