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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oven Chicken?

Someone asked me today what "oven chicken" was, so thought I'd let everyone know.

It is oven fried chicken. I have a large heavy baking pan, I pour oil in the pan and turn the oven on 400. I let that get hot while I flour the chicken with seasoned flour. Once the oil in hot I place the chicken skin side down in the hot oil, and let it cook. Don't ask for times, cause I don't time stuff. I turn the chicken one time, other wise the crust will stick, and that's the best part.


Ethel said...

How much oil, roughly, do you use? I don't do much frying, so I really have no idea. Most of our cooking uses just a couple of tablespoons of oil, but I've started trying some new stuff lately.

Marni said...

I'd have to say maybe 1/2 cup. But my pan is larger then a regular cake pan, so 1/2 cup doesn't seem like much. It certainly isn't a "deep fried".