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Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Day with Gramma

Tuesday, December 30, I picked up my gramma and we spent the day together. First I put all her Christmas decorations in the attic. I took her to Kohls to take back a gift and since there were so many sales we took advantage and bought Emilie and Olivia's birthday presents. I helped gramma pick out a new purse and she found a new wallet. Since it was Tuesday, she also got an additional 10% (or maybe 15%)off the sale prices!

Then we went to Coldwater Creek so she could get blouse. By now it was lunch time so we went to Olive Garden for Salad and Soup. Super yummy, I love their lunch. Gramma had a hair appointment so I dropped her off at the beauty shop and spent an hour at Books A Million. I picked Gramma back up and we had a pitstop at her house.

She was feeling fine so we went on to Target. I had a gift card for Target and wanted another purse. I love purses like some women love shoes. My husband thinks I'm nuts. Well I thought I'd get a new pair of Merrell type shoes in black. Well drat! Target didn't have any, (and either does another other store I've looked at) so I got a purse instead. LOL I wanted red, but I didn't like the style of the one and only red purse there, got an olive green one.
Gramma got some scrapbooking items and Valentine socks for the girls.

We skipped over to Lifeway. I wanted the Early Reader Bible that was advertised for $9.99. They didn't have any, nor did they even know if any came in and no I can't have a raincheck. I'm a wee bit ticked off about that, seems like a "bait and switch" to me. I did get a $5 mom's journal. Gramma bought some clearance Christmas items.

We had a fun day!

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