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Sunday, January 4, 2009

School Starts tomorrow

Well folks, ready or not school starts back up tomorrow in our home.

The older girls will continue on with A New World of Adventure-hopefully we can start completing a "day" each day. We have been splitting a day's worth of work into 2 days. We will also be doing a Proverbs Study for Young People

I haven't posted much about our learning style, along with a unit study approach, we also do notebooking and lapbooking.
For our first unit of ANWOA- Into A New Land, we are notebooking Native American Tribes using History Scribe. Notebooking Early American History with History Scribe, and lapbooking Colonial America. This Colonial lapbook will be worked on through 2 units. We will be starting a State Notebook soon, using Hold That Thought.

We are also lapbooking our Science topic, which at this time is Insects. We are using the free lapbooking elements at Homeschool Helper.. We are just about done with this science topic and will then focus on the weather. We will be notebooking that topic with Science Scribe.

I know that sounds like an outrageous amount of work, it's not as much as you might think. I hope to post how we go about implementing all this soon. Don't let me forget!

Bella is lapbooking Five in A Row and a few units from Homeschool Share. We are using the lapbooking elements that are available for free at Homeschool Share. Instead of separate folders for each book, we are doing a continuing lapbook in an spiral artist notebook. She is very exciting to be reading "real" chapter books like Junie B Jones. So tomorrow we will start A Pocket of Time for Junie B. Jones.

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