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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Routine and Tomatoes

Let's review my routine

Up by 7-check
1. Make Bed-check
2. Personal Care- dressed, teeth, no makeup yet
3. Coffee & Quiet Time-check
4. Breakfast and Devotions with Girls- breakfast
5. Start a load of Laundry-check

I've also got supper in the crock-pot

Now I just have to get the girls up and moving and starting school on time.

I'm reading Raising Godly Tomatoes and loving it! My timer went off so I can't comment too much right now, so go check it out right now @ Raising Godly Tomatoes


Cassidy said...

I have loved that site over the years!!!!! Cass

Marni said...

I broke down and bought the book. It is very good