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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kitchen Detective

No self respecting homemaker wants to admit that her house stinks. It reflects badly on her cleaning skills. But I've got to be honest, something in my kitchen stinks! I cleaned out the refrigerator, took out all the old leftovers and wiped it all out. I cleaned the trash can over the weekend. There are no dirty dishes in the sink, yet the kitchen smells like rotten chicken or rotten potatoes yet, I went through the potato bin last night and didn’t find any nasty potatoes. So I’m still on the hunt...wish me luck.


DisneyWorldFan said...

I usually find the smell in a lunch box the kids didn't empty after taking their lunch to school!!

Anonymous said...

You may have a dead mouse in the walls or in a back cupboard. Or the disposal may have something in it. Keep searching!

Alicia said...

Once this happened to us! we ended up finding a VERY out of place potato! Turns out the little one had been apparently pretending to cook, then left the potato IN a rarely use pot, with the lid on, and put it back in the cabinet!

Oh how it can drive you crazy when you're in that situation!

I'm sure by now you've found it, I'll have to read more to see if you posted what it was!