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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Workboxes Holycow!

I read about this whole "workbox" concept a couple months ago and loved this idea. I had no idea it exploded over at FIAR, where have I been?! I read the whole thread at the FIAR boards today( all 37 pages, I need an award). SO now I just have to do this.

Like *many* of you I don't have room to have 3 sets of boxes. Today I found "File Jacket" packs of 10 for $5. I bought 3 packs.
I plan on using the file jackets for Emilie and Olivia in a plastic file box. Isabella, I think will like the whole box set up. I have room for one shelf/box unit under the big calendar poster.

I haven't gotten the book yet, it is on my wish list. I should be able to buy it next month.

Want to see what others are doing with workboxes? Check out this google search.

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