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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer School?

We have finished up with Into a New Land- The Beginnings of America. Except for a few Fine Arts lessons. We will work on those randomly through the summer.

I had planned to do a unit study on The Secret Garden, and I still want to, but not a real intense deep study. Something fun. Math we continue all summer.

We are gong to get season passes to Magic Springs/Crystal Falls in Hot Springs Arkansas for the summer, instead of our usual Galveston Trip. A couple good concerts are scheduled too. The girls of course want to see Barlow Girl, and Lindy wants to see Three Dog Night.

A trip to Illinois is planned for July. Hoping we get to see everyone and everything we want.

1 comment:

DisneyWorldFan said...

I will be here!! I can't travel and I know I am top on the list to see!! Right? hahaha