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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This week's plan

Monday-Mom's Bible Study
Tuesday- Library and visit with gramma
Wednesday-evening church
Thursday-Magic Springs
Saturday-sale at Mardel

Even though I didn't win the "Biggest Loser" contest with my friends. I have lost some weight. Mom and I are working on this together. I was doing a strict eating program, but that didn't last. So now I eat anything, but much smaller portions, with more veggies and some fruits. I have increased my walking, I walked 5 times last week and have already walked and showered this morning before 9 am. WHOO-HOO for me! I'm also going to start circuit training with Lindy.

Olivia and Bella are going to start Ballet lessons in July. Olivia has also expressed an interest in cake decorating lessons. I could show her the simple fundamentals but she would rather go to a class.

I want to do some Letterboxing, I'm sure the girls would really like it. I got out the Bocce ball set I bought 2 years ago and never opened. Seems like a fun family game we need to learn together.

Olivia has been coughing for 2 weeks now, she is about to hack a lung up any time now. I'm thinking it is allergies.

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