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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Our friends Temple and Hannah will be coming over this afternoon for a visit. It seems like it has been weeks since we have seen them. I think Hannah will be spending the night.

My mom has been with my gramma all week. My gramma had a knee replacement a couple weeks ago and is just getting worn out trying to take care of her husband as well as herself. She just can't do it. So my mother is helping them get him placed and settled in an assisted living center, just down the street from gramma's house. It is a really nice place. My gramma isn't ready to move into an assisted living center yet, she doesn't need as much care as her husband. It has been hard for all of them.

"The Grammas" and I are going to see a movie together Friday morning, "Julia & Julie".

Now onto a vent- a minor one. For the last 2-3 years back to school one subject notebooks have been 10 cents each, or $1 for a case. This year the price has jumped 150% to 25 cents for the same notebook. I know 25 cents isn't much, but an increase of 150% is outrageous! I'm glad I bought like 6 cases last year!

Speaking of back to school, we are practicing getting up early. None of us are morning people. I want to be, but it is hard! My plan is to use these 2 weeks before school starts to get into a habit of getting up for 7, getting the girls up by 7:30 and starting school by 8:30-9:00.

We have lots of activities going on this year. I pray that I don't burn out.

I got "The Well Planned Day" planner. I like it good enough. I don't think I'll purchase it again next year unless I end up liking more as I use it more. The price is pretty high, and I bet I'll still use my homemade sheets to some extent.

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