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Sunday, October 18, 2009

What is Faithgirls?

Here are our Faithgirls lessons for the next couple months.

So what is Faithgirls?

I've been doing "Keepers" with my girls and off & on with other families for about 7+ years. I introduced our pastor's wife to Keepers of the Faith, last summer when they first moved here.
After spending a couple hours in my home looking at the vast curriculum choices available to homeschools, she ditched Abeka and pretty much ordered the whole Keepers catalog (along with Doorposts materials)! LOL.

Anyway, she loves the KAH concept and introduced it to the Ladies Ministry at church, asking if they would support it to train the girls in ministries. They agreed and I'm the director.

We meet just twice a month. We do AWANA on Wednesdays, and since most of the the girls go to PS I figured we'd get low attendance and/or uncompleted projects if we met to often. I also wanted them to do projects and "homework" at home between meetings. Part of their homework is baking for a ministry weather for their own family or different ministries at church.

I call the club, "Faith Girls" first because our church is Faith Baptist Church.

Right now we are learning to Bake. My girls have been baking for years, but all the girls voted for Baking. For the Bible/Spiritual lesson we are doing the Missionary lapbook from Hands of a Child.

After we finish with the lapbook, we will use the Polished Cornerstones from Doorposts for character/Bible lessons. I coordinated the character trait/chapters of the PC book with the KOF badges. I'll see if I can get that in a pdf soon.

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