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Monday, November 16, 2009

Menu and More

2nd grade Lesson plans for this week.
2nd grade Reading list for the year-this reading list has a great age and interest range, can be used from K-3. Reading the books aloud for the K-1 or the older students 2-3gr can read selected books themselves, while others are still read alouds. The Usborne's IL Children's First Encyclopedia includes experiments and websites for diagrams, worksheets, online games and puzzles.

coconut chicken
chicken and dumplings
taco soup

~Vet Day Parade~
Here we come!

Here we are! Bella is on this 4H Clover Kids float.

Emilie and Olivia on on this TEACH float. Emilie is on the other side so you can't see her. Lindy is in the cab.

The rest of the TEACH float. We won 1st place for a non-profit group.

~My birthday pie~

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