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Thursday, March 4, 2010

He's Everything to Me

He is Everything to Me
Words and music by Ralph Carmichael

In the stars His handiwork I see,
On the wind He speaks with majesty.
Though He ruleth over land and sea,
What is that to me?

I will celebrate Nativity,
For it has a place in history,
Sure, He came to set His people free,
What is that to me?

Til by faith I met Him face to face,
And I felt the wonder of His grace,
Then I knew that He was more Than just a God
who didn't care,That lived away out there and .....
Now He walks beside me day by day,
Ever watching o'er me lest I stray,
Helping me to find that narrow way,
He is everything to me.
(repeat 3 times)

We sang this song at church camp. I've always loved it.
I'm looking for another song we sang, An Attitude of Gratitude, but have been unsuccessful.

1 comment:

kranderson said...

Hi Marni,
My name is Kim Anderson and I work at Awana headquarters. I am looking for a homeschool mom who uses Awana for Bible curriculum. I noticed on your blog that you listed Awana and wanted to see if we could talk sometime. Awana is participating in a homeschool conference this spring and I wanted to talk with someone actually using Awana at home. If possible, could you contact me at your convenience either via email at kima@awana.org or feel free to call my cell: 847-274-0575. Thanks so much!
Kim Anderson