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Monday, May 17, 2010

Glaen- Book Review

Glaen: A Novel Message on Romance, Love and Relating, This story follows Annie as she discovers what makes true love last- between friends and spouses. The author Fred R. Lybrand suggests reading the book book twice and I have to agree. Once for the story line and once for the concepts.

I enjoyed the story line but found the writing somewhat disjointed and this made the plot difficult to follow. But overall an easy book to read. I had hoped that my 15 year old would read it. Nothing in the book is inappropriate as far as my personal taste, but the “jumpiness” of the writing made it hard for her to follow the plot. She will try again in a couple months.

We are a “non traditional dating” family- we subscribe to a more “courtship” style model. My one objection to Glaen is the very narrow definition of courtship. When in reality each family is free to design their own style of courtship. One families “courtship” is another’s “group dating only” style.

There is a website, www.glaen.com, for a study guide which would make this a great book study for older teens/college or premarital classes.

Thank you TBB Media for this review copy.

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