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Monday, May 3, 2010

Ultimate Homeschool Expo 2010

Ultimate Homeschool Expo 2010 starts today! I'm so excited.

What is it you ask? It is an online homeschooling conference with online seminars featuring 35+ Speakers.
The seminars/workshops are Mp3 download audios that are available forever. I download the ones I'm interested in and save on my ipod and listen while walking, or doing housework, or traveling. Lots of good ideas, and encouragement. And it's not just academics either, marriage, family, parenting, spiritual issues are covered as well.
Virtual Vendor Hall-special offers from your favorite Online Vendors!
Free Gifts ALL WEEK--ebooks, audios, downloads!

I got the UHSE 2009 last year and I so enjoyed it. I'm still listening to several seminars and now I have a whole new batch to get me pumped up, fired up, and ready to tackle another year of homeschooling High School!

You don't want to miss this years Expo, lots of great messages available on *your* time schedule. That's the best part for me, I can download and listen to what I want when I want it. Go check it out!

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