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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

House Cleaning

Been busy working around the house last week.
Cleaned ceiling fans
Lindy took down all the blinds, washed them and put them back up.
Washed windows
Got a new to us couch and table lamps from my mom, so we rearranged the living room and vacuumed under the furniture.
Washed the living room sheer curtains.
Straightened the laundry room

These are homemaking “rules” that I try to live by, but not always successfully.

1. Clean house before you leave for vacation so you don’t come home to mess-this is from my mom
2. Don’t go to bed without cleaning kitchen, no dirty dishes left overnight.-this is from my paternal grandma.
3. Plan your menus before you go shopping-from my mom. I also plan my menus to work around what is on sale for the week. This has kept my grocery bill under $100 for the week for a family of 5.
4. Write all family plans/activities on the same calendar. Plus keep a weekly planning sheet on the fridge.
5. No computer until chores/school are done. This is more for the girls. LOL

I know nothing earth shattering but it helps my home run more smoothly.


DisneyWorldFan said...

love the rules! Most of those are ones we go by too! (I just need to put the computer one on this list. I did add it this summer to the kids that they need to read for 30 minutes before they can use it, but it would be a good one for all of us!!!)

Marni said...

I like the read for 30 minutes before computer. Sometimes the school work on the computer is to much a temptation.