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Monday, June 28, 2010

Mini Trip

Thursday, June 17 we went to Fort Worth. Lindy ran in a track meet, and did well. The weather was just great! We went swimming at the hotel. Woke up Friday and headed down to Austin.
I called my mom when we got to Waco and surprise! She had forgotten that we were coming down. So Friday afternoon-evening we hung out and relaxed at mom's. Bella and mom really had fun with the chickens.
Saturday morning we took off for the zoo. I really like zoos. Bella and I had a great time!
Then we ate lunch at a restaurant that the girls and I went too a couple months ago, and wanted to share it with Lindy. The restaurant is called "Which Wich" It is a fun cool little place.
Saturday evening we went swimming. I'm not sure I like boys "makin' eyes" at the "sisters."
Sunday we went to church, then mom, I and the girls went to look at model homes. This is something we all like to do. Later that evening Papa Robert gave the girls some money and took us to Half Priced books, and ice cream. The girls bought a couple books apiece.
The girls love to spend time at mom's. They love to explore and hike in the woods. Bella loves the dogs and the chickens.
It was a really nice trip!

Lindy running the 400m

On Saturday, June 19 we went to the Austin Zoo.
As soon we walked in the zoo we saw this interesting insect pulling a small tarantula.
We also saw a dung beetle rolling some dung, but nobody took a picture.

One of five tigers at the zoo

Black Bear

Black Bear


Monkey in a car. Now that's not something you see everyday!

Shy little monkey

Peacocks and chickens had the run of the whole zoo.

At one time Olivia wanted a lizard for a pet.

Feeding the deer

Coming home (mom's house) we saw these little fawns across the road from her house.

I didn't realize that we didn't take any pictures of our family! I guess that's what I get for putting the kids in charge of the camera! I'll try harder to get more pics of the family.
The girls and I are going back to Austin in July.

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