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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Candy Wreath

Great Christmas idea from Living on a Dime How to Make a Candy Wreath

1. First, buy your candy. You need to use wrapped candy like Tootsie Rolls, Jolly Ranchers, peppermints, bubble gum, butterscotch candies, etc. How much candy you need depends on the size of wreath you make. Usually for a 12 to 15 inch wreath, I buy enough candy to fill a large mixing bowl to the top.

I make mine with lots of mixed candy but you can make it with all peppermints, all green and red Jolly Ranchers, or whatever you like. Whatever you decide, first place it all into a large mixing bowl.

2. Cut string into about 3 inch pieces. The lengths don’t have to be exact. Just make them long enough so that they are easy to handle while you tie them around the ends of the candy and then to the ring for the wreath. You need one string for each piece of candy. I don’t sit and count how many I need. I just cut a pile and then make more when I need them.

3. Take a heavy wire clothes hanger and form it into the size wreath you would like. Cut off the hook part at the top then slightly bend the 2 ends to form small hooks that you can hook together to make a circle. I haven’t checked lately but you might be able to buy a metal circle in the wreath section at your craft store.

4. After you have made your ring, tie each string to one end of a piece of candy. This is why candy like Toostie Rolls work so well. The little flags of paper on each end make it easy to tie the string to them. Then tie the other end to the wreath ring. Keep pushing the candy together as you go so you have a nice full ring of candy.

5. When you can’t squeeze one more piece of candy onto the wreath, make or buy a large red bow to place at the top, which will cover the section where you hooked it together.

6. Tie one end of a ribbon or string to a child’s pair of scissors and then tie the other end to the bottom of the wreath. This pair of scissors is for people to use to cut their own candy.

As you can see this is an easy project for kids. I mean what kid wouldn’t love to handle mounds of candy, especially it they get to sneak a piece every once in awhile?

Hang it on your door. Adults and children alike love cutting a piece when they are coming or going or both!


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