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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What Happens When an Ordinary Girl Meets an Extraordinary God

Paperdoll has a great message needed for girls and women of all ages. "Jesus never taught that our worth as a woman is based on our background, our education, our race, our martial statue, our appearance, or our career. We are worthy simply and amazingly because of Him. And in Psalm 45:1, God tells us He's enthralled with our beauty."

(your beauty) " encompasses the internal and the external-your heart, your imagination, your emotion, your intellect, your compassion, and your sincerity. He happens to think you're beautiful, worth saving and worth loving."

I love Ms. Lloyd's message, my only negative comment is she is very wordy to make her points which makes the book drag.

I'd like to thank Regal for providing me book to review in exchange for my honest review.

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