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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Menu and other plans

Beef Stroganoff
Garlic/Herb Chicken
something chicken

Last night we had our Faithgirls party. We had chocolate fondue (yummy), and made fleece blankets instead of a gift exchange. I'll be taking the blankets down to Austin for the Children Blessing Children ministry.

Lindy's birthday is Sunday (12) so we will be celebrating it early, on Thursday (9) with steak and cookies.

The girls and I are leaving Friday(10) for Austin to visit my mom, and bring my gramma back home. Saturday (11) the girls and I will be serving cookies and goodies at Lone Star. We will be coming home on Wednesday(15), just in time for AWANA. Bella doesn't want to miss the AWANA store, she has been doing great with her memory work.

Thursday(16) and Friday(17) of next week will be Christmas School for Olivia and Bella. We will be reading about Christmas around the world, or Christmas Symbols and baking cookies and other yummies.

Bella and I are in the church Christmas program, which will be on the 19th.

Sometime soon I need to do some shopping!

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