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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Money, Menus and shopping.

So Emilie and Olivia needed some summer clothes. So I decided to split my remaining grocery budget money in half to spend one weeks of grocery money on shorts and other wardrobe items. It was $120.

Olivia got a shirt that was on clearance for $5, and a pair of denim shorts $20! EEEKKK, she likes plain denim nothing froufrou with embroidery. So I asked if we could just get some $10 jeans at WM or Target and cut them off? She was fine with that. Scored some on clearance for $9 and a pair of pajama pants for $3.00

Emilie got a pair of $9 clearance jeans for shorts too. I got the girls 3 bras on clearance at Target, and we ate at Chick-Fil-A.

Then we went to to Albertsons, where I got 3 Crystal Lights, 3# apples, 4# Land O' Lakes Butter, and 1 pineapple. Stopped by the bread store and got 2 loafs bread and a package of cinnamon rolls for $2.00.

At the end of the day I had $27 dollars left to round out a menu plan for next week. I got a roast, carrots, bananas, lunch-meat, store brand "Ritz" crackers, corn chips, pretzels, cereal, and toilet paper. I had coupons for the cereal, that doubled that made it only .99¢, a coupon for the lunch meat, coupon for the toilet paper, and I got a free roasted chicken. So at Brookshires I only spent $24.00, $3 left for milk later in the week.

So here are our meals for the next week,
Chicken Nachos
Poppy Seed Chicken
something else chicken
homemade pizza

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