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Friday, April 8, 2011

Saving Money

In my quest to help my husband, I am doing all I can to get quality and quanity of good food for our pantry and freezer. I've been doing pretty good, not to the extreme as those on Extreme Couponing but I'm staying under our monthly grocery budget, which for us includes HBA, paper products, and dog food.

My week so far: Dollar General- 2 body washs, 4 toothbrushes, 1 box envelopes- spent $7.31/Saved $5.00
Super 1- 2 3# bag chicken breasts, 3 boxes poptarts-spent 10.98/saved $14.90
Albertsons- 4 pastas, Mircle whip, eggs, Dryers Ice cream, 4 Red Baron Pizzas, 2 kraft cheese, 3 limes, 2 cantaloupes, 2# green beans, 2# apples-spent $24.48/saved $29.72
WAGS-BOGO large bottle multip vits, One a Day multip vit, BOGO vit C-spent $24.97/saved $28.98 got a raincheck for Purex
current spending $67.74/saved $78.60
still have WM and Brookshires

1 comment:

Pattie said...

Check out this ladys webpage

I've started her coupon guide and I'm on week 4 now and already saving a lot of money just by matching coupons with sales..save even more if you live in a state that you can double coupons