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Monday, May 9, 2011

Menu planning

By shopping sales *and* combining/using coupons I have a small stockpile started. My menus are based around what I have in my stockpile and what is on sale.

*Beef Lo Mein- sale $3.00

*Chopped chicken BBQ sandwiches-chicken .77¢ pound, KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce .78¢

*Homemade pizza

*Hamburgers-extra lean ground beef sale $2.88 pound + it was marked down an additional $3.00 per package since it was 9pm.

*Buffalo Chicken Lasagna-Bella's birthday supper-chicken .77¢ pound, Franks Hot Wing sauce used 1/.55¢ got it for $2.33. ( Not a super good price, but it is for Bella's birthday supper.) Spaghetti sauce from my stockpile.

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