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Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Provider

I practice stockpile moderation. For *me* the desire to have more, more, more, becomes overwhelming at times. Envy and even jealousy can rear their ugly heads. For me it has become a spiritual discipline to not spend/get something just because I *can* if I already have plenty. Do I really need another body wash when I have 15 already? Do I know someone who needs it? Will I even actually give it away, or will it just be stockpiled with good intentions? These are questions I have to ask myself. Sometimes I do get anxious about skipping good deals, "what if I can't get it again? what if I will have to actually go without for while?" But *I* have to remind myself that the Lord has always provided for my family in the past, we have never gone hungry, had dirty clothes, or had body odor. :) He is/and does continue to provide for us, I don't need to get worried, if I miss the good deal or choose to skip a good deal. Yes, using coupons is being wise, stockpiling is also being wise, but *I* have to remind myself that it is always the Lord who is ultimately providing.

Image from lanitaslegacy.blogspot.com/2010/09/jehovah-jireh.html

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