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Friday, June 24, 2011

Coupon Organization

I've gone from binder to box, back to binder and now I'm back in a box.
The binder is very time consuming to maintain, so I when to a box, but the kind I had the top wouldn't always be secure so it flipped over twice in parking lots. So I went back to a binder, but then I got 3 weeks behind in clipping coupons and knew I sure didn't want to have to fill that binder.

So I read *this* about how one gal organized her coupons in a Caboodle makeup case.
I bought my Caboodle today and have all my coupons transfered. I like that it zips shut, has little pockets for a calculator, pens, and scissors, and clips and room for my wallet. I can just stick it in and take it in any store and not feel so stupid lugging a binder. The box fits nicely in the cart too.

Here is Crystal from Money Saving Mom, showing her coupon box.
Here is another coupon box.

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