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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Book Review- Still More Stories!

Grandma’s Attic Books 3-4

I was so glad to discover that the Grandma Attic series continues with 2 more books.

These books are fun to read either aloud to your children as short bedtime stories or read alones. Since these books are actually a collection of short stories, they are perfect for narration. Arleta Richardson has a warm story telling style that is as cozy as grandma's lap.

These books follow some more fun adventures of Mabel as a little girl, her adventures become lessons in honesty, patience and manners.

A favorite story is about the “slop-tot” Mabel. This story teaches the need to be aware of what one is doing while eating in order to avoid embarrassment.

I really love these books, great books to share with your children and pass down to grandchildren.

Thank you B & B Media for the review copies in exchange for my honest reveiw.

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