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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

FAR Planning

Printing a list of projects for Emilie to complete last year didn't work so well for her. She needed more set deadlines and a daily task list rather then 5-8 printed pages and "get going" instructions.

So this year I changed things up. It works well for us. Emilie and Olivia still get to choose their projects but I make the daily assignment lists.

Step by Step:

1. I print out each unit as I need it and put in in it’s own 3 prong folder.

2. I color code each mini unit.

3. Each daughter goes through one mini unit at a time marking what projects she wants to do with initial.

4. Then I go through each mini unit and determine if I have the resources, can get the resources, or substitute a different resource.

5. Then I make a list of each project in each mini unit for each daughter. Then I make the decision how many days each project will take, and which week it will be done, whether week 1 or week 2.

6. Then I make out daily assignment cards. For the projects that will take several days I will put how many days they have to work on it, and each consecutive day how many days remain.

7. Each daughter has her own mini index card binder, at the end of each day they turn in the day’s card which is then filed.

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