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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shock&Horror! I don't make my own laundry SOAP!

I made laundry soap for 2 years. In that time we had to have a plumber come out and "snake" the waterline from the laundry room to the road every 6 months. Soap forms a "curd" that detergent does not. Soap and detergent are not the same. I've switch back to detergent about 1.5 years ago, no plumbing issues. Don't get "guilted" into using something just because it is the new thing eveyone else is doing if it doesn't work for your family. A $70 plumbing bill every 6 months wasn't saving us squat.

Personally I'm sick of hearing " well the Duggers use it". So what!?

1 comment:

Lucky Lindy said...

Might make the plumber sad, but makes our checkbook glad.