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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Learning at Home 9/21-9/25

Bible-AWANA Matthew 6:9-13
Character-Hero Tales-Tyndale
History/Social Studies-Middle Ages, Industrial Revolution, Modern Times, People Around the World, John Oglethorpe
Science-Rainforest, Oceans, Waves, Currents, Coast
Math-word problems
Reading-Besty and Tacy
Literature-poems, James Harriot Bonny's Big Day & Only One Woof, fiction/non-fiction
Grammar-capital I, copywork
Spelling-Lesson 4; Explode the Code book 5
Free Reading- Clarice Bean, The Swan Princess

~The Sisters~
Literature-Finished Amos Fortune, started Calico Captive
Grammar-Dictation, topic sentence, paragraph,
History-Baroque Art, Charles I & Cromwell
Science-review and test
Home Economics-clean house, entertain guests
Free Reading-Emilie-Sister of the Bride, Olivia-Warriors Into the Wild

Friday, September 18, 2009

Another week of learning

Time sure is flying!
~Bella school week~
History/Geography-Virginia notebook sheets, World timeline overveiw, Egypt, Rome
Science-Reading and notebooking about Volcanoes, Rivers, Mountains, Deserts, Grasslands
Math- counting by 5 and story problems
Reading- finished The Boxcar Children
Spelling-100% & Explode the Code book 5
LLATL- rhymes, opposites, copywork
Literature-Poems, rhymes, copywork

~Sisters school week~
Emilie said 2 sections in Journey (HS AWANA) and 1.5 sections in T&T
LLATL-The Eagle dictation, similies
Literature-Amos Fortune, Free Man-excellent book
History-Virginia state sheets, Native Americans, John Eliot-missionary to the Native Americans, Read Story of the Thirteen Colonies chapters 2 and 3, Time Line states studied so far-Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine.
Reading-Emilie read Alice in Wonderland Olivia is reading Harry Potter
Science-study questions, chapter summary worksheets

Olivia and Bella got a hair cut. Super Cute!
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Monday, September 7, 2009

Started school

We started school last Monday. Our first week went very well.

Bella really enjoyed learning, and this week I'm adding more for her. I went back looking at all I have and found SL core C (which was K years ago when I used it with Emilie and Olivia.)I have most of the read alouds and the History/Geography books. Bella is way above the readers listed, so I'm going to have her read some of the "read alouds" as readers. They are all grade 3 and above reading level. She is reading Children's Encyclopedia IL for science and joining the "sisters" for Apologia General Science. She is doing Rod and Staff Spelling, Explode the Code 5, Learning Language Arts Through Literature (LLATL) Red book,and Math U See classic Foundations.

Learning Adventures- Literature,Grammar, Fine Arts
Truthquest History-American History, Government/Civics
LLATL-Tan book
Apologia General Science
Practical Arithmetic
Latin-we hope to add Latin this year
Nature Journals-we hope to do this year too.
Grilled pork chops
Jerk Chicken Nachos
Mexican pasta shells
Red beans and Rice