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Thursday, October 29, 2009

2nd grade lesson plans

Bella's week 8 ( this week, 10/26-10/30) and week 9 (next week, 11/2-11/6).

The big girls won't have school on Novemeber 6, it's a holiday for us. Mom's birthday!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

School Week

Click to see Bella's Lesson plans for the past week. And here are our plans for this week (10/19-10/23)

Bible-AWANA, Missionaries
Literature-Calico Captive
Grammar-LLATL-dictation, creative writing
History-New Jersey, N & S Carolina, Pirates, The Story of the Thirteen Colonies ch. 44, This Country of Ours Ch 38, timeline
Science-Test unit 2, Start unit 3, 4 experiments
Home Economics-Apple Crisp

I'm seriously thinking about adding MuGuffey readers.


~Menu ~
Beef Stew
Poppy Seed Chicken
Grilled Chicken

What is Faithgirls?

Here are our Faithgirls lessons for the next couple months.

So what is Faithgirls?

I've been doing "Keepers" with my girls and off & on with other families for about 7+ years. I introduced our pastor's wife to Keepers of the Faith, last summer when they first moved here.
After spending a couple hours in my home looking at the vast curriculum choices available to homeschools, she ditched Abeka and pretty much ordered the whole Keepers catalog (along with Doorposts materials)! LOL.

Anyway, she loves the KAH concept and introduced it to the Ladies Ministry at church, asking if they would support it to train the girls in ministries. They agreed and I'm the director.

We meet just twice a month. We do AWANA on Wednesdays, and since most of the the girls go to PS I figured we'd get low attendance and/or uncompleted projects if we met to often. I also wanted them to do projects and "homework" at home between meetings. Part of their homework is baking for a ministry weather for their own family or different ministries at church.

I call the club, "Faith Girls" first because our church is Faith Baptist Church.

Right now we are learning to Bake. My girls have been baking for years, but all the girls voted for Baking. For the Bible/Spiritual lesson we are doing the Missionary lapbook from Hands of a Child.

After we finish with the lapbook, we will use the Polished Cornerstones from Doorposts for character/Bible lessons. I coordinated the character trait/chapters of the PC book with the KOF badges. I'll see if I can get that in a pdf soon.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

just catching up

I've got some more simple lapbook templets here, here and here.

Menu this week:
BBQ chicken
Chuckwagon Soup
Roast beef sandwiches
jerk chicken nachos

We had a Faithgirls meeting last night. We had fun. Faithgirls is what we call the Keepers At Home program at our church. We are doing a baking unit, and studying Missionaries.
We made apple crisp last night and worked on our Missionary lapbook.

Tonight is AWANA.

Girls have had a wonderful attitude with school this year. It has been nice. I'm not always good, patient and kind.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Free lapbook templets

I made some super simple blank lapbook templets. I have some more on another computer that I'll load at Scribd sometime.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall weather menu

Chicken & dumplings
Ham and green beans
Corn Chowder

Friday, October 2, 2009

Was it worth it?

My review for The Well Planned Day homeschool/family planner.

Well, it is attractive. I like the monthly articles, I like that it is dated and includes a month at a glance calendar with the daily Bible reading at the beginning of each month. I like the weekly quotes, and catechism. I liked that it is spiral bound. And that is about all I like. Everything I could and have make on my own.

I didn’t like the shopping lists included in the planner. For one thing they are way to small. I also don’t like to mix my school stuff with my household stuff. My biggest complaint is the lack of space to write lessons plans. There is no way that more than 2 students’ work can be written in the space provided. I ended up making Bella’s planner separate. Also the space for “English” is way to small for even one student, since “English” is suppose to cover- reading/literature, spelling/vocabulary, grammar and writing. Now how all that is supposed to fit in a small box is beyond me especially for more than 1 student.

So it is not something I will purchase again ever. And the only reason I’m probably still using it after 4 weeks is because I paid $20 for it. I just hope I don’t get fed up with it and end up not using it in a few weeks, which would be a waste of money all together.