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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A History and Political Lesson

Interesting Presidential Statistics - this blew me away -
it is important for any voter to understand.

Red Republic voters, Blue Democratic voters

Interesting Statistics
Professor Joseph Olson of Hemline University School of Law, St. Paul, Minnesota , points out some interesting facts concerning the Presidential election:

Number of States won by:
Democrats: 19 Republicans: 29

Square miles of land won by:
Democrats: 580,000 Republicans: 2,427,000

Population of counties won by:
Democrats: 127 million Republicans: 143 million

Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by:
Democrats: 13.2
Republicans: 2.1

Professor Olson adds: "In aggregate, the map of the territory Republican won by Republicans was mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of the country. Democrat territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in government-owned tenements and living off various forms of government welfare.

Professor Olson believes the United States is now somewhere between the "complacency and apathy" phase of Professor Tyler's definition of democracy, with some forty percent of the nation's population already having reached the "governmental dependency" phase.

If Congress grants amnesty and citizenship to twenty million criminal invaders called illegal's and they vote, then we can say goodbye to the USA in fewer than five years

Pass this along to help everyone realize just how much is at stake, knowing that apathy is the greatest danger to our freedom.

What follows is an email exchange between some members of my local homeschool group. Used with permission

Regina wrote to Joe C:
Joe, do you think that this (data as well as the analytical commentary) is accurate? And if so, what can we as citizens operating in “the red” do? It seems to me that we already voted, and that didn’t work. So now what? I mean is this supposed to inspire some type of active response, or is it just to make us understanding how hopeless our situation really is?

Regina H

-----Original Message-----
From: Joe C
Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2009 11:25 AM
To: Regina H.

I know that the USA map is accurate. It is very similar to the previous elections that Bush won. As far as the statistics below, the map attributed to Professor Olsen, I cannot say. However, they do not seem unreasonable given what I know of the demographics of those regions.

What the map primarily shows is the absolute wisdom and brilliance of the Electoral College. Liberals have wanted to get rid of the college for decades. There is a huge difference between a democracy and a republic. A democracy is actually a terrible form of national government; hence, our founders gave us a republic. Socialism always follows democracy – hence the Democrat Party promotes democracy. Lenin, Mao, etc, all spoke highly of democracy. In a democracy, politicians use egalitarian propaganda (class warfare, tolerance, etc) to gain the attention, support and participation of the masses in their own enslavement.

A republic is ruled by a constitution and the populace elects leaders to “represent them” (i.e. republic). However, the jurisdiction and power of those leaders is limited by the constitution that the people adopted.

Without the Electoral College – which is given to ensure geographic representation - politicians running for national office would only have to campaign in about 5 states or less (New York, California, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania or some other similar combination). The Electoral College was set up to keep demagogues from concentrating on just a handful of key population centers, who would then dictate policy to the rest of the country. This is also why each state – no matter how s mall or large gets two senators.

There is always reason for hope. God is still on the throne. Looking at it in the “natural” – yes, we are at a “tipping point” – especially if the socialists in congress pass their “single payer healthcare system”. Democracies usually collapse over bad fiscal policy. The people discover that they can vote themselves money from the public treasury and eventually vote for the ones promising the most benefits. Unfortunately, theU.S. government has – since the days of FDR – been functioning as democracy rather than a republic – with the result that most of what the federal government controls and spends money on – they have no constitutional, legal or moral authority to do. They get away with it because the majority of Americans have been dumbed down by the public education system, sermonized by appalling ignorance and cowardice from the pulpits of America, too busy to pay attention or just don’t care. It is morally wrong to take bread away from one man’s table at gunpoint and give it to another.

The Lord told Malinda many years ago, that the country her children would grow up in and inherit would be very different from the one in which she was raised.

This collapse has been coming on for over 100 years. The U.S. was targeted by for destruction beginning in the latter part of the 1800’s. There was a huge push for communism and socialism in America at this time. Many Christians jumped on the bandwagon – deceived by many false promises. There is much to say on this subject – but even people such as Helen Keller were pro-communism. Oswald Chambers warned against it – as did others – but their warnings largely fell on deaf ears.

Even though communists occupied the highest levels of our government starting in the early 1900’s up through WWII, the main strategy being followed even then was outlined by Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci.

It is key to remember that the only difference between communism and socialism is the time frame over which they are implemented: Communism = overnight at the point of a gun, socialism: incrementally through legislation. Gramsci coined the phrase, “the long march through the institutions”. He said the American people would never accept Communism because of its strong Christian heritage and values. Hence, socialists and their fellow travelers must gradually take over the cultural institutions (schools, universities, media, government, news, entertainment, publishing, etc) and gradually remove the Christian influence, so that at some point the American people would not only NOT oppose socialism, but would ask for it. Of course, liberals do not call themselves or their programs by that name. They use code words and phrases such as, ‘Heath-Care Crisis, Education Crisis, Farm Bill, Earned Income Tax Credit, etc. etc.”

As far as what we do about the situation – we work, pray, prepare. The current social order will collapse. It is corrupt in all its ways. This is why years ago I became interested in Christian Reconstruction or Theonomy. Though I don’t hold to or understand all of their tenants – they at least have a theology of victory. Most Christians today are walking around scared because of the Pre-Millennial, Pre-Tribulation, theology. It think it has been aptly termed, “Pessi-millennialism”. Yet Christ told us to occupy until he comes. He also told us not be afraid and not to be deceived. We work, try and save some of what we earn (oh boy do I need help there), teach our children what is true, just and perfect, trust the Lord, be confident – knowing that God judges all nations – America included.

American is already under judgment according to Romans 1. However, we do not need to fear the present nor the future. We move on with our lives, for Christ may tarry for another thousand years. Well meaning people, who get caught up in the Lords eminent return, often become fatalistic, (“there’s nothing you can do brother – the Lord said this was gonna happen”) , panicked, unsettled, or worse. He may come today, but what we do today should be no different than what we would be doing if his coming far out in the future. What matters most are the people in our lives. We tend to focus on the temporal.

Specifically what to do? Homeschooling is fantastic! Fellowship. Vote. Voice your opinion (in a winsome way of course). Write letters (I know this takes time). Some need to run for office or help with the campaigns of those who do. Be encouraged. God does not delight in the death of the wicked. He wants us to repent. I put my hope in that – but we need to prepare ourselves and our children to live in a post-Christian culture. Can it turn around? Absolutely! It is wise to try and store a little food? Yes, I think so. Would it be wise to buy gold? Yes, it probably would. But our trust cannot be in any of these things. Once we get scared, the devil can manipulate us and he loves to discourage us.

Hope this helps a little.


What I tried to say – unsuccessfully – is we need to prepare ourselves – but mostly our children – to rebuild a Christian society based upon a Biblical Worldview. The re-building may be accomplished quickly (unlikely) or it may take generations.


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