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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Pod Person

For my birthday( 11/08) my mom gave me an iPod Nano, in my favorite color red!

Well it was actually her iPod, when she got her iPhone she didn't need the Nano too so gave it to me. I just this week synced it with my stuff. I've downloaded a bunch of Joyce Meyer, Cindy Rushton and I've found some really neat stuff on ITunes. I downloaded Sherlock Holmes, and some oldtime Radio Dramas.

When Isabella was a baby, I would lay in bed nursing her to sleep, I'd get so bored laying there in the dark that I started listening to audiobooks to past the time. Well this has become such a habit that now I can't go to sleep without listening to a story. It can't be music, it has to be a story. I have found I go to sleep faster if the reader has a British accent. Isn't that weird? So this iPod is working great for me at night!

My computer savvy girls have really helped me figure it out. They are so smart :)

1 comment:

Lucky Lindy said...

The ipod will be much quiter than the cd or tape player. Thank goodness. Your snoring husband.