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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Todays Doings

Well since my dad and Janet are here visiting today school isn't really happening. Emilie did do AWANA and she is working on spelling, grammar and reading literature. I'm not sure what Olivia has/is working on. Bella has been writing stories on the computer.

I found out that I can make "memory books" at the Walmart site and have it printed and bound. Isn't that cool! I may have to make that an "assignment" for the girls to make one as a personal yearbook.

I finally broke down and signed up for Mommy Homework on Cindy Rushton's website. I still think it can be a pit of wasted time if I"m not careful. I feel that Cindy has a lot of great stuff for moms but I also feel that it can be a time trap too. A lot of women are spending way to much time online listening and reading about homeschooling, parenting, marriage when they should be spending their time with their children and serving/helping their husbands. Okay so I guess you know what one of my soap boxes is now.

BTW- Olivia is feeling better today. PTL!

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