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Monday, February 23, 2009

Scarlet Fever/Strep Throat

Olivia has had a sore throat and has had a fever for 3 days. Yesterday she noticed a red rash on her stomach. So I called the Dr. today and took her in. Olivia has scarlet fever. Which sounds just horrid, I mean people used to die from Scarlet Fever! Well, guess what, a scarlatina rash is an atypical symptom of Strep Throat.

Olivia is on penicillin now.

She had strep throat back in September with hugh white patches on her tonsils. Both times she has had strep throat she has had 2 different atypical symptoms. She is like me in that way, I got strep throat all the time as a child.

I'll be starting her on an Echinacea regiment, 10 days a month. I hope to strengthen her immunity.

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