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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Learning at Home 9/21-9/25

Bible-AWANA Matthew 6:9-13
Character-Hero Tales-Tyndale
History/Social Studies-Middle Ages, Industrial Revolution, Modern Times, People Around the World, John Oglethorpe
Science-Rainforest, Oceans, Waves, Currents, Coast
Math-word problems
Reading-Besty and Tacy
Literature-poems, James Harriot Bonny's Big Day & Only One Woof, fiction/non-fiction
Grammar-capital I, copywork
Spelling-Lesson 4; Explode the Code book 5
Free Reading- Clarice Bean, The Swan Princess

~The Sisters~
Literature-Finished Amos Fortune, started Calico Captive
Grammar-Dictation, topic sentence, paragraph,
History-Baroque Art, Charles I & Cromwell
Science-review and test
Home Economics-clean house, entertain guests
Free Reading-Emilie-Sister of the Bride, Olivia-Warriors Into the Wild


DisneyWorldFan said...

so is bella not a sister anymore? you titled her by name and the other two as sisters

Marni said...

well, we call Emilie and Olivia "sisters" or "the sisters".
Olivia and Bella used to be called "the littles" but Olivia got to where she didn't like that. Since the sisters usually gang up and pick on her, it is easy for her to tattle on "the sisters" rather then "Emilie and Olivia are beign mean to me."