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Friday, October 2, 2009

Was it worth it?

My review for The Well Planned Day homeschool/family planner.

Well, it is attractive. I like the monthly articles, I like that it is dated and includes a month at a glance calendar with the daily Bible reading at the beginning of each month. I like the weekly quotes, and catechism. I liked that it is spiral bound. And that is about all I like. Everything I could and have make on my own.

I didn’t like the shopping lists included in the planner. For one thing they are way to small. I also don’t like to mix my school stuff with my household stuff. My biggest complaint is the lack of space to write lessons plans. There is no way that more than 2 students’ work can be written in the space provided. I ended up making Bella’s planner separate. Also the space for “English” is way to small for even one student, since “English” is suppose to cover- reading/literature, spelling/vocabulary, grammar and writing. Now how all that is supposed to fit in a small box is beyond me especially for more than 1 student.

So it is not something I will purchase again ever. And the only reason I’m probably still using it after 4 weeks is because I paid $20 for it. I just hope I don’t get fed up with it and end up not using it in a few weeks, which would be a waste of money all together.

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