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Saturday, February 6, 2010

February Beginnings

It has been grey and gloomy here this past week. Lots of cold rain. Not a whole lot to report.

Last weeks menu:
Roast Chicken
Chicken Chowder
Italian Beef Sandwiches
Sweet and Sour Chicken

Next Week menu:
Pork Chops
Chicken something
Hamburger something
Another chicken something
Steak on Friday for Olivia's birthday. She will be 12! Hard to believe how fast my babies grow.

My brother started Chemo and Radiation tx this week. Thanks for any prayers on his behalf.

Starting to think about next school year. We will be starting a new curriculum called Far Above Rubies. Both Emilie and Olivia will be doing it. Bella is really flourishing using a modified Sonlight schedule this year, so I plan on doing something similar next year. Which reminds me that I need to post her weekly schedule, but that is on the other computer so I'll get to it later this weekend.

My Illinois family heard me state that I'd rather have my feet cut off then exercise. It's true, I hate cardio, but I do like weight/strength training. I found a book called the Cardio Free Diet and have started the workout routines. I really like it. I've not gotten crazy about counting calories or points. I think this is something I can stick with, I really like it. It doesn't take forever to do, only about 20 minutes, 3-4 times a week.

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