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Monday, February 8, 2010

lesson plans

Bella's 2nd grade week 16 schedule

Bella has enjoyed Sonlight much more than the other girls did. I am very pleased that I was able to find the IG ( instructors guide) for next year.
It is "Basic 2" A one year intro to World History, 2000 edition. Which is just what I was wanting. I don't have all the books but I have many for this "Basic" and many from "Basic 1" ( 2003) so I will modify the plans to work for us.
Again Bella will be reading many of the "read alouds" as "readers" since she is way beyond Owl at Home and Fire Cat.

Not sure if we will stick with Learning Language Arts Through Literature. I'll be working on getting some sort of flow to science using Usborne books. I've heard many wonderful things about the Apologia Elementary Science, so that is a possibility. Another option would be to use the science topics from Learning Adventures Vol. 1, since they would "go along" with the history.

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