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Friday, February 19, 2010

Planning for next year!

I received Bella’s curriculum for next year this past week.
It is Sonlight Basic 2 (World History), 2000 edition. I’m pleased.

There are several reasons why I bought one so old. First it was less expensive, the older editions of the Instructors Guide (IG) where cheaper to begin with, I don’t know why they have nearly doubled in price since I used it, 6 years ago. Are they any better? Contain more information? I’ve not a clue, so if I can get it cheaper that fine with me.

The second reason I wanted an older version is that I already have many of the books for the older edition. Sonlight has changed the books with the IG, so again I would have to buy more books if I went with the newer IG. It’s all about being a good steward, being thankful with what I’ve got.

I didn’t get Sonlight Science nor the Language Arts. I don’t like the LA, and even though I LOVE Usborne books (I sell them, mostly to myself) I didn’t want to pay for a IG. I like my Science to sort of go with our History.

So I sat down last night and wrote what the history topic was for each week-
Wk1-5 Egypt
Wk 6-13 Greece
Wk 14-18 Rome
Wk 19-24 Dark Ages- Middle Ages
Wk 25-30 Reformation/Explorers
Wk 31-36 America/Industial Revolution/Westward Movement/WWI

So our Science will be the following topics
Wk 1-5 Deserts
Wk 6-13 Human Body
Wk 14-18 Geology
Wk 19-24 Plants
Wk 25-30 Oceans( Bella was given the choice of space or oceans)
Wk 31-36 Insects

I love Rod and Staff Spelling, so will stick with it. I’m still thinking about what to do for Grammar. Wondering if I should go with something premade like Rod and Staff, or teach it myself with literature/Bible verses and something like Grammar By The Book.

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