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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Revolve 2010 Review

Revolve 2010 (Biblezines) This is a colorful and interesting concept. The New Testament in the accessible form of a “teen magazine.” Short vignettes covering a variety of topics that are of interest to teen girls.Some of the topics include, make-up, fashion, boys, music and movie stars.

While the little snippets are a fun read, there isn’t a lot of “meat” offered here. I wouldn’t even say a lot of “milk” either. I would hope that by the time a girl is a teen that she would be ready to handle some more in depth study on the topics. I mean hey the Word of God is right there contained in the magazine, let’s use it. I did really like the character study that looked like a Facebook page. I may use this idea in our homeschool Bible study.

My oldest daughter (14) likes the graphics and the short articles but like me would like to see fun Bible quizzes, study guides, character studies, and how to personalize the Word of God daily in her life.

This has great potential to be a wonderful tool if it included more substantial Bible application.

Thank you Thomas Nelson for providing this book for review. Visit. http://booksneeze.com to join Thomas Nelson as a book reviewer.

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