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Monday, August 30, 2010

Cake of Education

Okay, even though we started last week we didn't get a lot of actual curriculum work done.
Mostly it was organizing and figuring out what Emilie wanted to do and transferring all that to
a chart. So this week we are ready to begin the stuff she picked out.

I think I was getting way crazy about all the points. It was really stressing me. Once I saw that reading books about the historical period and biographies was listed I had a light bulb moment and said "HEY, I can do this more Charlotte Mason style like I wanted and still have some projects too."

We are doing Apologia Biology, High Way to English for grammar ( diagramming the book of Romans, i'm so excited) and Math separate. But Emilie marked a few things of interest in science and math so I said "That's just extra frosting on the cake of education." Emilie liked that, thought it was funny. I think she added it to her favorite quotes on Facebook LOL.

Anyway, I don't think she is spending as much time on each subject as she needs to finish in the time allotted. We are doing 4 units; 9 weeks on each unit. I want to finish American History in chronological order. Then next year go back and start at unit 1.
So now I just have to encourage her to spend more time going deep and narrow rather than wide and shallow.

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