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Monday, September 6, 2010

Science in Creation Week

In my quest to find a science program for Bella this year I’ve had several ideas, from THIS to THIS. THIS is another very professional free option. But I didn’t really want to print all that out and Office Depot is expensive to print and bind stuff.

I found in my files this chart of the areas of Science that correspond with the days of creation. So I went through and plugged in resources I already had to the areas of science. There are 12 areas which we can spend 3 weeks on each. Some areas I had a lot of resources others not so much. So sometimes we will spend time every day and others only 3 times a week. So THIS is what I have so far.

The I Want to Know More About... series is a set of books I bought at a library sale. I sell Usborne books, (mostly to myself) so I have lots of them. Magic School Bus books would work great too. I only have 1 personally but the library has many and one can use the Dvds. I’m also using any free School Express unit worksheets that coordinate with the topics, but I've not added them to my outline yet.

If you want to use this planning worksheet for your own books HERE it is both in pdf and Word.

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