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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fun Freebies!

Currclick is having a treasure hunt for homeschool curriculum freebies until September 22

I have found 19 of them
Starting on the home page:

1. Pirate banner (top of page)
2. Bottom of page
3. Top 100 products (right side of page)
4. Free Stuff (left side of page)
5. Follow your favorites (click notices on left side of page)
6. About CurrClick
7. Quick Start Guide/ FAQ's
8. Troubleshooting
9. Contact us
10. Privacy Policy

Starting in Account:

11. View or change account settings
12. View or change my billing address
13. Change my account password
14. View the orders I have made (also same as show all orders on top of page)
15. View all products I've purchased with download links
16. View all products updated since my last download
17. View all products awaiting my review
18. Select how I wish to be contacted by publishers
19. Wishlist (which is currently not working for some strange reason)

Have fun on your treasure hunt!

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