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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Today's Doings

We have speech class this afternoon. The girls are to do a reading or recitation up to 1 minute long. All the girls are doing poems.
Bella has been practicing aloud with me for a couple weeks. The older girls, I've not heard them yet. So hope they can get it together by this afternoon!

My mom and her GFN ( Good Friend Nancy) came up yesterday to pick up my gramma and take her back to Austin for the month of November. Mom and gramma will come back for Thanksgiving, and then go back. My mom runs a baking sweat shop ( not really) in November. She will be putting my gramma to work baking up thousands of cookies for the annual Lone Star open house.

The girls and I will go down the second Friday of December and help set up and serve at the open house. It is fun, the girls really enjoyed helping out last year.

Anyway back to today. After speech class, we have a short meeting for the film club, then we will be going to my gramma's to visit for a while. We might have time to go the library, but I'm not going to stress, I mean it, no stressing.

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