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Monday, February 28, 2011

Book Review

Love this book! This is the prefect book (other than the Bible of course) for Tweens/Teens looking for love. My daughter was afraid it would be too "old fashioned" she often accuses me of trying to make her "old fashioned." Preparing to Be a Help Meet, isn't old fashioned, it is very modern and up to date with how girls think and act. Both my 15 yo DD and I have read portions of the book and we really like how it presents the stories of real modern girls/couples and isn't all "fairy tales" and fluffy clouds. The Teacher/Leader guide makes this a great book to do as Youth group/Sunday School lessons.

So many Christian girls get to feeling lonely and left out when all their friends are dating or when they see their friends becoming the "Grabber Girls" and getting the guys. This book backs me up as a mother when I tell my girls that guys may date "grabby girls" for fun but that's not the kind of wife they want. It also backs me up when I tell me girls to get interested in activies that bring them into contact with Christian young people of common intestest.
I've got a couple of great "Hidden Flowers" that need to be found as the loyal, fun and talented girls they are.

I also like that this book doesn't tell me or my daughters to sit at home and not participate in society, but to cultivate their talents and abilities for God's glory helping people.

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