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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shopping savings!

Walgreens 1/28/11
3 Hamburger Helper
3 Tuna Helper
2 Kraft Italian Salad dressing
2 Gold Bond shower cream
2 Country Time Lemonade
1 Kraft Garlic & Herb Mayo

Received $6.00 Register Rewards (coupons for future purchase)

I don't like tuna casserole so will use chicken instead.

Albertsons 1/28/11
20 Yoplait Yogurts
3 Pillsbury Grands
3 Ortega whole grain taco shells
1 Dz eggs
1 half gallon OJ
1 Coffee Mate creamer

OOP ( out of pocket) $14.39
saved $20.92
received $2.00 for future purchase

Dollar General 1/8/11
12 jars Ragu sauce
8 boxes Barilla pasta
1 candle
OOP-$23.00 aprox.
Saved-estimating $16.00
Store kept receipt due to problems with transaction.

I get the est. $16 in saving by figuring Ragu normal at Brookshires approx. $2.00 x12 PLUS Barilla at Brookshires approx. $1.50 x 8, which I got for 6x$1 a box at DG, and 2 boxes half price because they were torn.

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